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Introducing our unique and eco-friendly Bee Hotel, a creative fusion of sustainability and functionality. Crafted from upcycled beer mugs and carefully selected cardboard straws of various dimensions, this bee hotel is not only a charming addition to your garden but also a testament to our commitment to repurposing and protecting our pollinator friends.

Each Bee Hotel is a one-of-a-kind piece, handcrafted with precision and love. The upcycled beer mugs provide a sturdy and stylish foundation, while the cardboard straws offer an assortment of nesting options for different solitary bee species. From tiny mason bees to larger leafcutter bees, every buzzing guest will find a perfect nesting spot tailored to their needs.

The thoughtful design and dimensions of the straws ensure that solitary bees can easily access and utilize the nesting tubes. By offering a cozy home to these gentle pollinators, you actively contribute to supporting biodiversity and the health of your garden.

Finding the right spot for your Bee Hotel is essential to maximize its impact and attract a variety of solitary bees. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Sun-kissed and Warm: Position the Bee Hotel in an area that receives plenty of sunlight throughout the day. Solitary bees thrive in warm environments and prefer nesting spots that are well-lit.
  • Protected from Winds: While bees love the sun, they also appreciate protection from strong winds. Placing the Bee Hotel against a wall or fence can shield it from harsh gusts, creating a more inviting environment.
  • Ground Level or Elevated: Depending on the species you wish to attract, you can place the Bee Hotel either at ground level or elevated at a height of 2-4 feet. Ground-nesting bees may prefer lower spots, while cavity-nesting species may prefer elevated placements.
  • Near Flowering Plants: Surround the Bee Hotel with a diverse selection of flowering plants and herbs. The vibrant colors and enticing scents will not only attract bees but also provide them with a readily available food source.
  • Tranquil Setting: Choose a location that is away from heavy foot traffic and disturbances. Solitary bees prefer peaceful and quiet surroundings for nesting.

With our upcycled Bee Hotel, you embark on a journey of eco-consciousness and environmental stewardship. Embrace sustainability, repurpose materials, and create a thriving habitat for solitary bees - all while adding an enchanting piece of art to your garden.

Make a difference today - choose the Bee Hotel and join us in the mission to support bee populations, preserve biodiversity, and address our Bee Address.

Upcycled Mug Bee Hotel, Blue Sir

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