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Introducing our Bee Hotel, a harmonious blend of natural clay and cane straws, designed to provide a nurturing sanctuary for our precious pollinators. Handcrafted with eco-conscious materials, this stunning bee hotel is not just a beautiful addition to your garden but also a vital haven for solitary bees, enhancing both the aesthetic and ecological value of your outdoor space.

The Bee Hotel features a carefully constructed combination of clay and cane straws, offering a variety of nesting options for different solitary bee species. Solitary bees, such as mason bees and leafcutter bees, will find the cylindrical tunnels and straw tubes irresistible, turning this hotel into a buzzing community of gentle and efficient pollinators.

To ensure that your Bee Hotel becomes a sought-after residence for solitary bees, finding the ideal location is essential. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • - Sunlight: Place the Bee Hotel in a location that receives plenty of sunlight, preferably facing south or southeast. Solitary bees are cold-blooded insects and thrive in warm environments.
  • - Sheltered from the Elements: While bees love the sun, they also need protection from strong winds and heavy rain. Position the hotel under an eave or a sheltered area to shield it from harsh weather conditions.
  • - Elevated Position: Mount the Bee Hotel at a height of at least 50 cm above the ground. This elevation provides bees with a sense of security and helps protect them from ground-based predators.
  • - Near Flowering Plants: Surround the Bee Hotel with an assortment of flowering plants and herbs. The nearby blooms will attract bees to their new abode and ensure a readily available food source for them.
  • - Quiet and Peaceful: Avoid placing the Bee Hotel in high-traffic areas or locations with frequent disturbances. Bees prefer peaceful surroundings for nesting and raising their offspring.

As you welcome the Bee Hotel into your garden, you not only embrace sustainability and ecological balance but also contribute to the critical task of pollination. Witness the delightful sight of bees darting in and out of their new abode, actively working to support the growth of your garden and the environment at large.

Crafted with love for bees and the planet, this Bee Hotel represents a small yet significant step in creating a bee-friendly world. Enhance your garden's natural beauty while fostering a nurturing environment for our essential pollinators – choose the Bee Hotel and become an active participant in Bee Address's mission to preserve and protect these vital creatures.

Arched ceramic bee house, clay bee brick

19,00 CHFPrice
Excluding VAT

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