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Welcome to Bee Address!

We create safe and cozy homes for wild solitary bees
and promote bee-friendly gardening.
Celebrate diversity of species with us!

Our services


Our handmade clay bee hotels are crafted to provide safe and cozy homes for solitary bees.

Our bee baths, shallow water bowls designed specifically for bees and butterflies, come in a spectrum of vibrant colours to compliment and decorate your garden or balcony.


In addition to our bee products, Bee Address also has a gardening blog. Our blog provides helpful tips and tricks for creating a sustainable
bee-friendly garden. We believe that creating a bee-friendly environment is not only beneficial for bees but also for the planet as a whole.


At Bee Address, we are passionate about bees and their role in the ecosystem. Our mission is to provide high-quality bee products and promote bee conservation through education and awareness.

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Bee bricks

Clay bee hotels

Safe and cozy homes for solitary wild bees handmade of clay


Bee baths

Water bowls for insects

Bee baths - little bowls with elements on which bees and butterflies can land and safely drink without a risk of drowning


Bee mugs

Upcycled bee hotels

Bee hotels handmade of upcycled vintage beer mugs, and cardboard straws

How does it work?



I purchased three different styles and colors of bee waterers as a gift to my favorite native plant gardener. The waterers are beautiful and they feel solid and substantial and will last for years. Securely packaged, they arrived within one week from Switzerland to my home in rural Indiana. I could not be more pleased with this transaction!

Debbie, USA

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Chiasso, Switzerland

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